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3 Signs That You Need Replacement Windows in Provo

3 Signs That You Need Replacement Windows in Provo

Posted on August 18, 2015.

Depending on the age of your home, it may be time to switch out the original windows to some more modern options. Knowing when it is time to consider replacement windows in Provo is important, since you could be wasting money and energy without even realizing it. If you experience any of the following signs, it is probably time to call in a professional.

Condensation or Frost Buildup

The presence of frost buildup during the cold months and condensation any time throughout the year can show that your windows are not air tight. Over time, the sealant around older windows can begin to break down, allowing air inside your home to escape and air outside your home to get inside. If you notice these problems, make sure to contact a professional who can complete a replacement for you.

Drafts Throughout the House

Almost all windows allow a little bit of air to get through, but significant drafts in the home suggest that there is a window somewhere that is loose or has gaps due to warping or exposure. You may try to seal the gaps with weather stripping, but that tends to be just a temporary fix. Replacement windows in Provo are your best bet for getting rid of drafts.

Difficulty With Opening or Closing

If you are unable to open or close your windows without extreme effort, it is definitely time for a replacement. Having windows that cannot remain open or are unable to close can be a hazard, preventing safe exits or entry into your home. Wood can warp and metal can rust, making the tracks on which the windows run tight or full of junk that keeps the windows from sliding up or down easily.

Replacement windows in Provo can help you save money, energy and be safer. If you notice any of the above mention signs, make sure to schedule an appointment for a professional to come by.