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How to Make a Statement With Your Entry Doors

entry doors provo ut

Posted on February 18, 2016.

When people decide it’s time to install new doors in their main entryway, the usual reason is not the doors broke or got too old. It’s usually because the doors are just too darn boring. If you’re starting to feel this way about your entry doors in Provo UT, you should do some thinking about what exactly you’d like to express with your entryway. At this point, you might be thinking that anything would be better than the dull doors you’ve got right now. However, if you decide to get creative, you can really put together a bold entryway that will be the envy of people from miles around.

One of the great ways to embolden a doorway is to use symmetrical accents. Unlike some people’s preferences in photography and painting, doorways are an art form that tends to benefit from pure and simple symmetry. That’s because you’re trying to draw people’s eyes (and their bodies) straight into the center. You don’t want them to be stuck on the doorstep staring at that lone flowerpot hanging in the top right corner. Entry doors in Provo UT can really benefit from a pair of items (be they flowerpots, lanterns or something else) that stand or hang on each side of the entrance. Such items really embellish a doorway while at the same time encouraging visitors to step inside.

If you’re all about color, then you can really make your doorway stand out by painting it a solid, healthy red. Providing that the color used to paint the rest of your house does not clash with or detract from the red that you choose, this could be a super simple way to improve those entry doors in Provo UT. Did you know that the practitioners of Fung Shui believe that a red front door brings good energy into the home? Well, it will also bring in your friends!