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Did you know that the average home improvement company is only around for about five to seven years? So what does that say about getting the help you need when something goes wrong with your windows or doors?

Shep's Windows & Doors has been serving Utah homeowners since 1993 and we have completed over 11,000 door and window installations for Richfield UT, Provo UT, and the surrounding areas. We attribute our success and longevity to the fact that we are window and door specialists. It's all we do, and we only know how to do things one way... THE RIGHT WAY.

Unfortunately, many companies out there try to be everything for everybody. In short, they are "jack-of-all-trades." The problem with this approach is that you wind up being an amateur in a whole lot of areas but an expert in none. And contrary to popular belief, windows and doors are a lot more complicated than they would have you believe.

For example, if you live in the southern or lowland areas you are going to want a window with a much lower SHGC and U-Value in order to keep the solar radiation and heat out while keeping your cooler air in.

But, if you live in a colder area, like Woodruff where it routinely gets down to 30 degrees below zero, you might want to consider a higher SHGC in order to let in more solar heat which can more effectively heat your home.

The point I am trying to make is that when it comes to window and door installation in Richfield, Provo, and surrounding areas, you need an EXPERT, and that is exactly what we are—window and door experts.

To find out more about the services we offer, just click on the link below to the product or service you are interested in.


Custom Measured, Custom Built, EXPERTLY Installed—Turn Your Windows Over To Shep's And NEVER WORRY ABOUT THEM AGAIN.

Patio Doors

Old-World Craftsmanship Isn’t Dead—It’s Alive & Thriving At Shep's. Custom Measured, Custom Designed, Custom Built.

Entry Doors

Steel Reinforcement Plates, Exclusive GUARDIAN™ Weather Barrier System And More—The Result: An EXTRAORDINARILY Beautiful, Functional and Safe Door For Your Home.

Exclusive Specialty Coating

Do You Own A Commercial Property? Do You Want To Reduce Or Even Eliminate Your Roof Maintenance Costs, Extend The Life Of Your Roof And Save Money On Your Energy Bills?