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Patio FAQ

Question list

How do I know if my doors are being installed properly?

Even the best-built products have to be installed properly (plumb, level and square) or they simply will not work as advertised. That's why we never use unqualified "day-laborers" to install our patio doors and why we only use the highest quality hardware and materials. The best way you can make sure that your patio doors are being installed properly is to ask questions. For example, what kind of sealing compound do you use? What types of fasteners—and how many? Are you factory trained and certified?

What makes your doors better than the competition?

The most important difference is the type of glass we use. Given that patio doors have a larger glass area than your windows, it's critically important that you understand the differences. Ameriglass™ AG3 Low Emissivity glass is coated with a microscopic 12 layer patented formula with three layers of Silver. The ultimate balance of energy savings, solar control and high visibility. We then fill our glass with Argon. Argon is a non-toxic, odorless and invisible gas that greatly enhances the overall energy efficiency of your glass. In fact, Argon filled patio doors can increase Total Window U Value performance by as much as 12% over a traditional neutral gas air filled competitor.

We also use a revolutionary plated steel tandem rollers with Sealed Stainless Steel Ball Bearings offer reduced Friction and Wear to Glide effortlessly on the Aluminum raised Monorail Track with Stainless Steel Cap. And our doors come with a full perimeter compression weather seal provides protection from air and water infiltration.

In short, our doors are better designed, use better materials and are custom built – in America – to exacting standards and independently tested for performance.

Oh, and did we mention that they come with a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY?

You stated that your doors are independently tested…what do you mean by that?

There are two types of performance tests that are conducted on all Amerimax window and doors. Both of these tests are performed and administered by accredited independent third party laboratories.

The first type of test includes standards and requirements set forth by AAMA/ANSI (American Architectural Manufacturers Association/ American National Standards Institute) which includes structural, air infiltration and water penetration.

The second test is for the thermal value standards and requirements set forth by NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council). These test requirements are for the u-value, the solar heat gain coefficient, the visible light transmittance, and the condensation resistance factor. The tests are performed by accredited independent laboratories.

The results are then administered and certified by Keystone Certification Inc., an ANSI accredited, licensed, independent certification agency.

The products are then labeled with the appropriate AAMA certification labels along with the appropriate NFRC labels for total window or door thermal ratings.

If there is a problem with my patio door, how do I get it fixed?

That's the beautiful thing about dealing with a locally owned and operated company. You don't have to deal with some faceless corporation, ridiculous computer answering machines or a faceless "customer service representative." If you have a problem all you have to do is call me. We'll get the problem fixed A.S.A.P. Why? Because it's my name on the door and we stand behind our products with a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Why should I buy a vinyl patio door instead of wood, fiberglass or aluminum?

In short, vinyl products offer the energy efficiency of wood and fiberglass but generally at a lower cost.

Granted, while the initial cost of aluminum products can be less expensive than vinyl, the overall cost of ownership can be much higher because aluminum does not offer the energy efficiency that vinyl does. In reality, aluminum framed doors act as a "radiator" with a high rate of thermal transfer. Without getting to technical, when it's cold outside aluminum frames will "radiate" that cold into your home and in the summer will radiate your cool air to the hot outdoors. Many of our competitors try to compensate for that with "vinyl covered aluminum" but scratch the covering and you lose the benefit. Also, the steel and/or zinc fasteners used on aluminum windows can react with the aluminum and actually corrode.

Amerimax vinyl does not rot, corrode, rust or peel. It needs practically no maintenance, It is insect resistant, does not need painting and is significantly more thermally efficient than either steel or aluminum windows.

Apples to Apples, dollar to dollar no other door gives you more value than our exclusive line of patio doors.