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Patio Installation

When's the last time you bothered to check your doors? Did you know that you should inspect your doors and their respective seals every year? Simply stated, the extreme weather variances that we get here in Utah wreaks havoc on doors and their seals—the constant contraction and expansion from the hot and the cold can cause untold damage to your doors.

Most people do not realize the significance a quality
door installation can make in their energy bills.

In short, you simply can't afford marginal work or corner cutting when it comes to your door installation. Anything less than a perfect install will result in a door that simply will not hold up to Utah weather. Make sure you know exactly who is showing up to install your doors. At Shep's you'll never have to wonder who's going to show up to install your doors. Our technicians are highly trained window and door EXPERTS who are direct employees to the company.

At Shep's, only highly qualified expert technicians
will be used to install your doors.

The last thing you need to ensure when it comes to your door installation is the quality of hardware and materials being used. For example, what good does it do you to buy a door guaranteed for life if the installer is using the cheapest caulking material he can find? With expansion and contraction, that caulking will pull apart at the seams, or worse crack and disintegrate in the Utah sun. At Shep's we only used the highest quality hardware and materials. In fact, even the caulking we use has a 50 year warranty.

Even the best product in the world will fail if you use
cheap hardware and materials to install them.

Avoid the worry and the guesswork. Hand your door installation over to Shep's windows and doors and you'll never have to worry about them again.