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There Are Many Uses For Our
GSM Iron Sentry™ Roofing Products…

Not The Least Of Which Is To SAVE YOU MONEY.

GSM Uses

Here are just a few uses for our GSM Iron Sentry Roofing system:

  • Reduce or eliminate your roof maintenance costs
  • Extend the life of your roof and save energy
  • Gain a consultant for roof challenges and other waterproofing needs.
  • Creating a tax advantage by repairing your roof instead of replacing
  • Save money by repairing versus replacing.

Bolts, seams, protrusions, equipment supports and perimeter edges are the vulnerable parts of the roof. When an Iron Sentry™ Roof system is applied, it stops water infiltration… PERIOD. And, unlike competitors' products our product is less susceptible to pooling water.

But, one of the best uses of our product is the establishment of a Cool Roof System for your commercial property.

The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) maintains a rating system for different types of roofs. According to the CRRC, Cool roofs are defined as any roof surface that literally keeps a building cooler by either reflecting the sun’s heat (solar reflectance) or emitting the heat it does absorb (thermal emitting) so the heat doesn’t transfer to the inside of the building.

The major benefit of a cool roof is decreasing the load on your HVAC systems, resulting in lower energy costs and a much lower carbon footprint on the environment. We have been installing these type of roofing systems long before they were labeled “cool”, or “Green”. So if you’re looking for a roofer that has the technical skills to install a cool roof, give us a call.