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Window FAQ

Question list

What Do You Mean By A "Rip-and-Stick" installation?

"Rip-and-Stick" is an industry term that is used to refer to a marginal window installation. In short, it refers to the actions of a window installer who shows up, "rips" out the old windows and then just "sticks" in the new ones. The largest problem with these types of installation is that they DO NOT address the underlying issue as to why your original windows failed in the first place—a bad frame and/or a bad install.

I Found A Window In The Paper For $199 – Can You Match That Price?

Here is a hard truth, $199 windows simply don't exist. First of all you have to read the fine print and see if that price includes installation. Next, you have to realize that ANY window you find at that price is going to be a cheap window designed to be a "loss lead" to get you to pick up the phone. I would even go so far as to say that it is a form of false advertising.

The reality is that even if you could get them to sell you that window for $199 you DON'T want it. It probably has one of the worst efficiency ratings, if it has any rating at all. These windows are almost always "builder grade" or "contractor" grade windows and will probably cost you more money on lost heating and cooling that you save on the window. Selling this type of window is not just irresponsible it's darn near criminal.

What Do You Mean By "Contractor / Builder" Grade Window?

This is a great question. Let me begin by saying that contractor / builder grade windows are some of the worst windows on the market today. In short, these windows are built to the absolute lowest standard possible to make the window as cheap as possible and only just good enough to pass a home occupancy inspection. These windows are what home "builders" and / or "contractors" buy in bulk to save money and pad profits.

The reality is that unless you had your home custom built or purchased a used home with windows that have already been replaced, you probably have a contractor grade window. These windows are probably costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year in lost heating and cooling.

Please, do yourself a favor and call us for a free, no obligation inspection. We'll inspect your windows and even show you a report on the type of window you have and what its energy efficiency ratings are.

Can You Tell Me A Little More About Your Warranty?

Absolutely. We offer one of the best warranty's in the industry. The single biggest difference between our competitors warranty and us is that we back our work for a full FIVE YEARS. In other words, if in the first five years of owning your windows—if anything goes wrong—you don't pay a penny to have your window fixed or replaced.

You see, that's the catch. Most other company's warranties only pay for the parts and materials if something goes wrong… you still have to pay for the labor. They only guarantee their labor for one year after installation. Which is ridiculous, because if there is any issue with your windows it usually won't show up until after a few years. Problems with windows usually don't show up until years 3 to 5 which is why we back your windows for a full five years. We want to make sure you're getting EXACTLY what you pay for. A window that works exactly AS PROMISED.

An in regards to our windows—It's a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY.

What Do You Mean I Can't Get Your Windows Anywhere Else?

We mean what we say… our windows our exclusive. You simply can't buy them anywhere else. We spent and interminable amount of time and energy researching windows on the market and simply could not find ANY window that met our exacting standards. We knew, without a doubt, that any window that could not meet our standards simply would not work in the brutal weather we have here in Utah. We simply will not sell or install a window we know won't work.

So to solve our problem we went to a window manufacturer and we have our windows custom built to our exacting standards and specifications. You simply will not find a better window on the market today…PERIOD.

You stated that your windows and doors are independently tested…what do you mean by that?

There are two types of performance tests that are conducted on all Amerimax window and doors. Both of these tests are performed and administered by accredited independent third party laboratories.

The first type of test includes standards and requirements set forth by AAMA/ANSI (American Architectural Manufacturers Association/ American National Standards Institute) which includes structural, air infiltration and water penetration.

The second test is for the thermal value standards and requirements set forth by NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council). These test requirements are for the u-value, the solar heat gain coefficient, the visible light transmittance, and the condensation resistance factor. The tests are performed by accredited independent laboratories.

The results are then administered and certified by Keystone Certification Inc., an ANSI accredited, licensed, independent certification agency.

The products are then labeled with the appropriate AAMA certification labels along with the appropriate NFRC labels for total window or door thermal ratings.