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Window Installations

It's amazing how many companies want to talk about the "price" of their windows, but how few want to talk about the installation. Why is that?

Maybe it's because your less than reputable contractor knows that over 80% of a window installation you can't see. They know that they can easily cut corners to pad profits. Worse, they send out untrained and unskilled "day laborers" that rip out your old windows and throw in the new ones with a handful of nails and a whole lot of caulking. Bottom Line: How do you know if your windows were installed correctly?

I can't begin to tell you the number of homes we have gone to where we have found windows to be improperly installed. The largest culprits: “Rip and Stick” installations, (what we described above), improperly installed or non-existent window flashing and improperly installed or non-existent insulation.

This is a monumental problem because the underlying reasons your windows are failing in the first place are almost always related to problems with the frame and installation. To properly install a window—and thereby gain all of the insulating properties you're paying good money for—the entire window cavity has got to be:

  • meticulously stripped bare
  • reconstructed where necessary
  • insulated properly and finally
  • sealed into place using the correct materials, including proper window flashing.

At Shep's Windows and Doors, our installation crews are direct employees of the company and are highly trained and highly skilled technicians. When you buy your windows from us you know EXACTLY who is going to show up to install your windows—an EXPERT.

Our installation crews are the reason why we offer one of the best warranty's in the industry. While other companies only want to guarantee their work for 1 year… we guarantee our work for 5 years and give you a lifetime warranty on the window.

Don't trust your windows—or your wallet—to anyone else. Call Shep's today, you won't regret it and that’s a promise.