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Contrary to popular belief, you simply CAN NOT buy a window off a shelf. Trying to buy a generic window off a shelf is like buying a car without test-driving it. The pennies you think you are saving today are going to cost you a fortune in time, energy, aggravation and money later… GUARANTEED.

Simply stated, unlike a car, you can't test drive a replacement window in Provo or Richfield. Worse yet, once you buy a window and install it in your home it is going to be next to impossible to return it if it doesn't work as promised and that's the catch—don’t be fooled by cheaper prices.

Window Installation

You see, every home is different. No two homes are exactly alike—and neither are the frames in which the window sits. That's why precision measurements must be taken. If you get it wrong, it’s going to be like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. Most of the time, your less than reputable contractors will use shims and a whole lot of caulking to cover up their mistakes.

Once you have your measurements, the window has to be custom built to exacting specifications—because anything less will result in a window that simply will not work "as advertised" and worse, a window that will fail prematurely. Meaning you'll have to spend more money repairing or replacing a window you just paid for.

Energy Efficient Window

Lastly, even the best window near Provo will not work if it is installed incorrectly. All that painstaking work to custom measure and custom build your windows is pointless if you cut corners installing it. That's why you need an expert that knows how to overcome any issues that might pop up during your window installation in Richfield, Provo, and surrounding areas.

Save yourself the headaches, aggravation and worry. Call Shep's Windows & Doors today.

All of our windows (and even our doors) are custom measured and custom built to your exacting specifications; we then install them to our rigorous standards, the end result:

A Beautiful, Elegant And Energy Efficient Window That Will Last Practically Forever and is


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Aristocrat Casement Windows

Traditionally the most elegant of all windows Offering the tightest weather seal and rugged durability for casement windows near Provo.

Bays & Bows

Transform your home inside and out—Bay & Bow Windows open up any room and create a beautiful focal point.

Craftsman Portrait Series.

Available in a larger range of styles, configurations and combinations than ever before—Beautiful, Functional And