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Customer Service

Have you ever bought something from a "big-box" retailer, had it installed in your home only to have something go wrong with the installation? Did you ever try to get someone out to fix it? Well, a lot of my past customers have – and what they told me, shocked me.

First, they tried calling the store where they bought it. That in and of itself was a nightmare. On hold for hours, no one really knowing whom they needed to talk to, transfers and callbacks. When they finally did get "the right person" on the phone they're told that they need to call the manufacturer. They call the manufacturer only to repeat the agonizing "phone-tag" ordeal – only to be told by the manufacturer they need to call the installer. The installer tells them they have to call the store and the cycle starts all over.

Is it no wonder that the 2013 Customer Rage Report shows that customer service in this country is actually getting worse?

Here is a sobering statistic: over 68% of the people polled in the study reported having "customer rage." Out of that, 56% of them said that they never got a resolution to their problem. In fact 76% of complainants just wanted an apology – 44% of them NEVER got it.

We believe that is a terrible way to do business and we categorically REFUSE to operate that way.

At Shep's Windows and Doors, you don't call an international call center. You don't call an uninterested third party vendor. And you certainly don't call a no nothing customer service rep. When you call, you will get your problem solved…PERIOD.

So just how committed am I to your total and complete satisfaction? Well, I had a window installation in Richfield, UT for a client that wasn't done to my exacting standards. For a lot of installers, they would have accepted the marginal work, covered it up, and called it good. But not me – not when it's my customer and my reputation on the line. Bottom Line: we ripped out all the windows and started over.

At the end of the day, I took over $24,000 in losses on that one single job. But you know what – it was done right and we honored the price we quoted. That's commitment. That's what customer service REALLY means.

If you're ready to be treated with respect and know that you'll never get the run-around, then call me today. At Shep's Windows and Doors – you're more than just a customer, you're family.