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Unlike a car—you can't test drive replacement windows in Provo and the surrounding areas. You have NO idea how they will function, whether they'll actually save you money, or whether you'll even like them until AFTER they are in your home. So what happens if they fail to perform as advertised? What happens if you hate them? You have to rip them out and start over—at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars.

You Simply Cannot Buy Windows "Off The Shelf."

Despite the attractive pricing that you can find on windows at those "big box" retailers—buying windows of the shelf is a bad idea. Those windows are made only God knows where, then assembled somewhere else and made to a "standard" size. The problem is that your home is not a "standard" size. Every home is different. And when it comes to your windows, even a ¼ of an inch can make a HUGE difference when it comes to installation and window functionality.

The other glaring issue with off the shelf replacement windows near Provo is quality control. Those windows are massed produced in factories and either screwed and glued at the seams or spot-welded. In Utah, those seams simply WILL NOT hold up. Eventually the constant contraction and expansion (due to our extreme hot and cold days and nights) will crack the seams.

At Shep's, Our Windows Are Custom Measured
And Custom Built – To Your EXACT Specifications.

Four different frame options, 10 different styles, 4 different insulated glass options, 10 different frame colors, optional maintenance-free vinyl brick mould trim, four different grid options, six different glass patterns and more.

At Shep's Windows & Doors, you don't have to settle for just what's available on the shelf. Design the window YOU WANT. Then we will build your windows to exacting standards and to your exact specifications… for a lot less than you think.

When compared "apples-to-apples," our replacement windows for Provo and surrounding areas offer the absolute best value for your money. Just how good are our windows? They are guaranteed to perform, save you money on your energy bills, look absolutely amazing and come with a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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